Piggery Loan Scheme

Beneficiary Individual entrepreneurs, farmers, producer companies, partnership firms, corporations, NGOs, SHGs, JLG,s and Cooperatives.
Purpose Setting up of pig rearing and breeding farms.
Loan Limit Maximum amount upto Rs.10.00 lacs
Rate of Intt 10.25%
Margin 15%
Repayment Period Maximum 5-6 years in equated monthly installments including grace period of one year.
Collateral Security Time pronote, hypothecation of the animals to be financed by the bank, guarantee of two persons having sufficient net worth and should be nominal member of the bank. No collateral security for loan upto Rs.1.00 lac. Loan for Rs.1.00 lac and above will be sanctioned on mortgage of landed property whose value should not be less than 150% of the loan amount.
Area of Operation Loan shall be advanced in the area operation in the Muktsar district.